Business Areas
Principal Investment
Purple's Principal Investment seeks to invest on its own and alongside its partner investors in key growth areas including:
  • Real Estate
  • Financial Services
In these investment cases, Purple shall deploy its full investment, managerial, technical and entrepreneurial experience in ensuring that its foray into these sectors realize positive alpha returns above prevailing market returns.

Purple strongly believes that sourcing and identifying growth companies and high yield investments whilst delivering significant returns to all stakeholders including partner investors is key to continuous and trusting long term relationship with its investing partners.

With this in view and the African growth story starting from Nigeria, Purple shall continuously seek and take advantage of opportunities in real estate, financial services & lending through Purple Money -

Real Estate
A key element of development in all societies is real estate. Purple intends to continuously invest and finance real estate development at various stages in partnership with land owners and developers alike.

At Purple, real estate forms a key pivotal for determining economic growth. As a key agenda, Purple shall continue to harness opportunities for itself and its partner investors in residential, commercial and hospitality developments.